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Artistic Origins

The hunger and brokenness of humanity. The desire for wholeness in a struggling world. The yearning of the human soul for completeness and love.

These are themes artist J. Joseph Hart wrestles with in his creative process. Having lived and worked for many years in the arena of human illness and life transition, Mr. Hart bridges human struggle with the possibility of new beginnings. This quest is accomplished through one source: the journey of the human condition, the story of the human heart with its hopes, fears, disappointments, promises, and ultimately a desire for another. The human spirit at its core has the ability to change while overcoming fear, to risk completeness while facing failure, to seek its own discovery while tempting transformation.

Mr. Hart negotiates these emotions through color and contrasting muted shapes. He creates new images that exchange life and spirituality. He negotiates nature’s primal elements of color to fashion a unique vision of spiritual humanity. Humans possess the capacity to associate and create ideas and relationships. This is the purpose of art: to express the procreative nature of spirituality and life in concert with all of creation.

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